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sportscotland manages the Young Ambassadors programme in Scotland. Personal information that you supply to sportscotland as part of the Young Ambassadors programme will only be used in the following ways:
•    To contact you with information about the programme
•    To gain feedback about the programme
•    To gain information* (see below)
*sportscotland is committed to embedding equality and diversity in our sporting system. To assist in ensuring equal opportunities and identifying barriers to equality and diversity in sport, sportscotland will invite you to fill in a short, online equal opportunities monitoring and event evaluation form at the end of the conference. Any information provided will be non-attributable (this means there will be no way you could be identified, for example, the form does not ask for names) and will be treated in the strictest confidence, in line with the principles of the Data Protection Act 1998.
Personal data you consent to sportscotland processing relating to you including:
Personal contact details
•    School
•    Local authority

Sharing Information
Information collected as part of the programme will be managed by Start2Finish Events. This firm will collate the information, including any parental consent forms. Your information will not be shared with any third parties.
Retaining Information
Following completion of the programme, we will only continue to hold information about you if we have a legitimate reason for doing so.
How to contact us
For further information on how your information is used, how we maintain the secrecy of your information, and your rights to access information we hold on you, please write to us at


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